Cary Savage, guitarist

Talented and versatile guitarist, Cary Savage, has been teaching and performing various styles of music for a number of years. He performs solo and in a wide range of ensembles including a duo for flute and guitar, violin and guitar, voice and guitar, a jazz trio, and a duo for two guitars. As an effective educator, Cary has taught students of all ages the various styles of guitar playing. From teaching college level music courses to music for children, he is always in search of new teaching opportunities. His performance experiences have taken him throughout the United States and Canada.


Recording my first CD at the St. Jean-Baptiste church in Montreal in 2008.


Upcoming concerts:

09/25/2014 University of Guelph @ 12pm Guelph, Ontario
11/15/2014  St. Columba Concert Series @ 7:30 pm Pointe-Claire, Quebec

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